Gone from here, now you are there

Checkmate.  You have moved forward.

And just like that you are there.  It is as if you have never left.

I just don’t see you in the flesh, but you are always with me in the spirit.

This is a new day, for you, for me.  Quantum leaps for consciousness.

Go to sleep for your visits.

Wishing I could go?

But what stops me, other than feeling this is where I belong for now. I came with a strong credit score, and I will leave with a strong credit score.

A little upset, and it becomes a cookie day.

The less I sin

The better I feel.

I can’t get it totally right every time. Perfection is not in the cards.

Like daydreaming about this, instead of THAT.  Both are not good -

but better for that, though.

Positive is so simple, but the challenges are just that, challenges.

May Day. May Day. May Day.

The struggles of a positive spirit

…loves me for my subtile qualities.

… I can depend on you for support, even when the world rejects me

…instead of responses like – “you just weren’t good enough for them”.  (because when I am strong again, I can’t seem to forget these types of comments you made – when I was down)

Sometimes, I am not so sure about you.

 You seem to be sitting on the fence until my feats are complete, then you believe!!

Thanks, but I already believed in myself, during the hardest part.

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Lived this life before

Always in a familiar place

Always a familiar face.

A life so far from realized, and at the edge of happiness.

Just not quite there yet.

almost. Keep trying.

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